Bike the River Valley Ride T-shirts

$12 each

We’ll post a picture of the new Bike the River Valley T-shirt soon.  (“Soon” as we get our act together and create a new design!) We encourage you to pre-order a T-shirt if you want one -- we try not to order extras for day-of sale. (But if we have any we’ll be happy to sell them, of course...)

Why do we charge for T-shirts?  Because we are T-shirt snobs. Our shirts are extremely high quality)and they are lovely, especially compared to that cheesy thing you got at some ride with Fred’s Muffler Shop printed on the back, along with 20 other corporate logos. Yeah, that T-shirt was free (and by “free” we mean that the price of the shirt is buried in the price of the ride, so you pay for it whether you want it or not...)

We now do separate men's and women's shirts for the best fit.

Stay tuned for more info!