So what’s all this going to cost you? Less than a good ticket to a concert.  Less than a bad date. (MUCH less than a bad date...)

Well let’s see now...

Adults: $125

Kids 12 and under on ride day: FREE

Optional round-trip transport for your bike and you from Manhattan to the ride and back: $70

There is no fundraising required for this ride.

Your ride fee includes:

• Beautiful riding in the country on low-traffic roads -- marked routes, route sheets, the best S.A.G. support anywhere...

• Fantastic rest stops with too much food.

• Light breakfast at the start line.

• Optional escorted rides with trained leaders

• All-you-can-eat post-ride meal.

• Free post-ride massage

All the ugly stuff you never see ($1 million worth of insurance, permits, support vehicles...)

The following items are optional -- buy them only if you wish:

Lovely ride T-shirts.  Why do we charge for T-shirts?  Because ours are 100% cotton Haines Beefy T (their top-of-the-line model) and they are lovely, especially compared to that cheesy thing you got at some ride for “free” (English translation of Free T-Shirt: “We raised the price of the ride to cover the T-shirt, so you paid for a shirt whether you wanted it or not.”)  THAT “free” shirt from some other ride came with Fred’s Muffler Shop printed on the back, along with 20 other corporate logos!  Ours does not. What can I say? We are T-shirt snobs.

Round-trip transportation from NYC to the ride and back for your bicycle and you. Again, this is optional. If you prefer to drive to the ride on your own, that’s fine!